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Zumba fitness


Tuesdays 6:00-7:00 pm

Dance your way into a smaller dress size whilst moving to exciting Latin-inspired rhythms!   Zumba Fitness is the fun, easy way to burn calories and tone the body.   It’s dance fitness that incorporates Latin, pop and international music and dance movements creating a dynamic, exciting, exhilarating and effective fitness system, which dancers or non-dancers can easily learn.

Classes are £5.00 per one-hour session and include warm up, main Zumba fitness component with body toning, and cool down.

Contact Eileen Torosian Tinney by:

text or telephone - 07813 854255




Eileen's website is at



Eileen Torosian Tinney is a Certified Zumba instructor, Aerobics and Egyptian Dance instructor and professional Belly Dancer.

Born in America, to parents of Mediterranean ancestry,  Eileen understands how to interpret Latin, Middle Eastern, Turkish, Greek, and African rhythms, which give Zumba its distinct flavour.  

Having been exposed to both Middle Eastern dance and International Music from an early age, she has professionally performed and taught Oriental Dance in both the UK and in America for over 20 years.

She is married and has lived in Suffolk since 2002.

Eileen’s classes always include a warm-up and comprehensive cool-down bringing the heart rate down “safely.”   Dancers and non-dancers can easily learn Zumba because dance experience is not necessary!   Exercise apparel, good trainers, a water bottle and a towel are all that are required.  

So, come join the party and have fun!