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CoronaVirus Form

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 Brundish Parish Council  -  COVID-19                                          


The response to the COVID-19 emergency is evolving everyday and is it is impossible to predict the extent our lives will be affected or what help Brunish may require in the coming months. 

We are asking our residents to please fill in the attached questionnaire. This will help the Brundish Parish Council to have an up to date database of contact details and a profile of all Brundish households, particularly identifying residents who are in the vulnerable/elderly category and may need assistance. These records may also need to be passed on to Government or voluntary agencies, if for some reason food and medicine supplies have to be delivered directly to the Parish.


The Brundish Parish Chairman and Parish Clerk will hold the records in paper and electronic form for the duration of this emergency/pandemic, after which they will be destroyed. The Parish Council will endeavour to conform to GDPR and our Privacy Policy Notice as much as possible under these unprecedented circumstances.


Lane Farm has agreed to deliver a range of freshly prepared Sausages, sausage meat, bacon, ham and salami to Brundish residents. Please ring Sue 01379 384593 to place an order BY TUESDAY AM, for delivery Friday or Saturday morning (Please arrange with Sue)


The Dennington Queen will prepare takeaways that you can come to collect or they can be delivered, free of charge, to Brundish residents. For more details and to discuss your requirements, please phone: 01728 638241. Website: https://www.thedenningtonqueen.co.uk


As a community, we will do our best to work together during these times of great challenges.

Please do look after yourselves!




Emergency Contact Details Form


Once completed, please e-mail / return this form to:



Mr. Anthony Bryant, Heather Cottage, Brundish, Woodbridge, IP13 8AZ   (bryantanthonydp@hotmail.com)


Alternatively, place your form in a sealed envelope in the Village Hall letter box - for collection 










Landline/mobile telephone number:



E-mail address:



Number of residents in the household, including yourself:


Do you have access to the Internet?       


       YES                       NO

If YES, are you able to do online shopping?


       YES                       NO

Do you have a friend of family member who can do shopping and collect any medicines?


       YES                       NO

Is anyone in the household:


  • over 60 and/ or in a medically vulnerable group?
  • Identified as vulnerable
  • Identified as disabled


 Tick for YES   Tick for NO









Is there anything else you would like to make the Parish Council aware of, in terms of your individual needs?